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Executive Technologies Corporation


Executive Technologies Corporation offers a large array of consulting services including Network Design & Installation, Software Application Testing, and Network Installation Audits.

Network Design & Installation

Installing a new network? What type of network will best suit your needs? We will talk with about your business and give you options that will both satisfy your network needs as well as your budget. We will work with you to set up a growth plan over the next several years to maximize your investment in both hardware and software. We don't recommend technology (soft or hard) on the "cutting edge" because experience has proven it to be the "bleeding edge." (We will if a client insists and accepts the risks. We love new toys.) A solution developed by EXECTECH™ is based on what we know works well and will give you the least amount of downtime and problems in your business.

The installation of your network is made less expensive and smoother by the installation and configuration of your server in our lab. All tested and valid manufacturer updates and patches are installed. Your server is bench tested and new hubs/switches/routers are brought online and burned in. Additional software can be installed (additional setup fees would be applicable) and configured for your business. Backup solutions are installed, scheduled and tested if purchased/provided. Emergency recovery solutions are created (when such devices and software have been purchased). Following this process reduces our time on-site (thereby your costs) and presents you with a nearly turnkey solution for your business.

Software Application Testing

How many times have you wanted to verify what you paid for is in the custom software you contracted for and you, or your people just don't have the time to do it? EXECTECH™ will test the accuracy of the software (mathematical calculations (are you seeing gross profit or markup), security features (is access really limited to those areas when you wanted it to be), is it Y2K compliant, are the database recovery procedures and instructions accurate, are there time bombs for lease expiration, support contracts, etc., and more.

Testing can be done either in our lab or at your facility. Your greatest cost savings will come with testing in our lab. We encourage you to call for pricing on this service. Don't wait until your business depends on it.

Network Installation Audits

Is what you contracted for really there? Was it installed properly? Is it working properly? EXECTECH™ can audit your newly ordered or installed network during the installation process, or after installation respectively. The audit will answer the questions above and others you may wish to add. We will report our findings back to you in writing, and even meet with you and the contractor to assist in resolving any issues found and interpret the technical jargon some hide behind in such situations.